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VMStrata partners with Nutanix
VMStrata launches partner site with Nutanix. Build an enterprise cloud with hyperconverged compute, storage, virtualization, and networking at the core.
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TwinStrata Welcome EVault’s new cloud archive offering
Traditional long-term storage technologies such as magnetic tapes simply aren’t working anymore. Every day, we speak with dozens of companies hoping to replace their aging tape archival infrastructure, and in so doing, improve overall reliability, minimize costs and reduce maintenance. For many, the cost of cloud storage has made tremendous sense for more costly backup and more...
Getting a Handle on Cloud Backup
Cloud backup is rapidly becoming an attractive option for companies seeking improved data protection at lower cost and with fewer hardware management headaches than traditional on-premises solutions.

Cloud storage gateways

Cloud storage gateways

Information is one of the most important assets a company has. A firm will need to make sure they have an affordable way of backing it up. There are many ways to do this, most of which are improving. Company information today is usually stored on computers, allowing for quick access. Occasionally a computer system will fail, causing information loss. Companies want to make sure their data is secure by looking for services which can help them to reclaim this lost data. A cloud storage gateway can help your business to uphold its information security, as well as perform quick backups. By taking a look at what TwinStrata offers, companies can get a good idea of what works when trying to reach this goal.

The virtual server has helped to advance disaster recovery processes. Organizations need to make sure that they tailor their disaster recovery strategies to the virtual environment they are using. VMStrata is a flexible, fast service that provides this to its customers. The backup and replication services are unified, allowing a faster recovery period when systems fail. Businesses in the past would usually use off-site backup to make this possible. Off-site backup is useful, but the costs are quite high because of information being stored on tapes. It can also mean a slower recovery process that is prone to errors. Using cloud computing, firms are able to take a virtual approach to their recovery methods.

CloudArray offers a “frictionless” disk-to-cloud backup that can save companies both money and time. Businesses will have less maintenance fees to pay, keeping costs low. Customers can avail of this backup both in software and hardware appliance configurations. Using this service, businesses can expand their storage capacity.

Data security has always been a big concern among big and small businesses. There is usually a lot of sensitive information stored on a company’s servers, hence requiring strict security measures. In protecting your information, you can lower your risk of attack.

CloudArray also offers other benefits to customers. There is improved utilization as well as the ability to reclaim primary storage. Since backup tape operation can be time-consuming and tedious, CloudArray will help you to remove the need entirely. Another benefit lies in the fact that companies can quickly restore lost information. This means less time spent on maintenance, adding to the company’s productivity. It takes only a few minutes to download CloudArray, and once finished backup to the cloud happens automatically.

Although you can get CloudArray as a virtual appliance, it is possible to get it as a physical appliance as well. The virtual variety supports VMware ESX/ESXi. This makes it more resilient as a virtual appliance. Some of the highlighted features are seamless integration with Veeam Backup and Replication, support for both virtual and physical IT environments, and support for multiple cloud providers. This helps to create mobility across providers. Every business wants reliable backups, and by using a quick method you are sure to save time when recovering information.