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Cloud backup is rapidly becoming an attractive option for companies seeking improved data protection at lower cost and with fewer hardware management headaches than traditional on-premises solutions.

Reasons/Advantages to backing up your data center to the cloud

Reasons/Advantages to backing up your data center to the cloud

Your virtual machine can represent hundreds of man hours of work between installation, setup, and the use it sees. Without a reliable backup, one random fault that takes out the machine can mean a lot of time and money wasted. Opting to go with a backup hosted on the cloud can minimize the effect of any data loss, as well as provide a number of other benefits. VMStrata is a cloud storage service. Here is a brief list of the advantages that using VMStrata for your virtual server backup can bring you.

1. Reliable Data Storage

VMStrata specifically focuses on cloud storage of virtual machines and the data they need. By design, you will not have to worry about issues in configuration or how the data is stored when you upload data to the storage space. Having the storage offsite also provides an advantage in terms of the security of the data by preventing any issues at your place of business, whether security issues or technical issues, from having an impact on your backup data. The image-based backups of VMStrata will ensure that every bit of your data is there when you go to find it.

2. Wide Access

Using cloud storage means your virtual machine will be readily accessible from any device capable of connecting to the Internet and utilizing the data. This means you can easily increase the number of instances of the machine, rapidly share updates, and pull up your data whenever you need it without concern for which specific computer you are using. The benefit of being able to retrieve your backup quickly cannot be underestimated, and it is something you simply cannot do with tape backups.

3. Secure

Data security is always an issue, and it can seem imposing to have all of your work hosted in a location you cannot control. The people providing you with cloud services know this, and they are dedicated to providing the best in information security for your valuable data. The VMStrata CloudArray service performs compression and encryption adhering to the Advanced Encryption Standard on your data before transporting it anywhere.

4. Larger Capacity

The cloud is limitless. While the claim may sound exaggerated, with the way cloud functionality works, your storage limits should seem to be limitless to you. Constant updating of hardware capabilities on the other end of the cloud mean you never have to worry about data storage limits. A similar backup system of your own could require a massive investment and new employees just to manage it. VMStrata can easily handle storage for a number of virtual machines and hundreds of terabytes of data.

5. Pay For What You Use

When it comes to on-site storage, the cost of the hardware, maintenance, and physical storage space for the hardware can be extremely time and money intensive. Even with all the work put into the storage, you are still likely to either overshoot your data needs, which means you spent too much, or not have enough storage, which means you need to spend more time and money on upgrades. The cloud completely removes this issue. You only pay for what you use in storage and services.

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