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VMStrata partners with Nutanix
VMStrata launches partner site with Nutanix. Build an enterprise cloud with hyperconverged compute, storage, virtualization, and networking at the core.
evault E
TwinStrata Welcome EVault’s new cloud archive offering
Traditional long-term storage technologies such as magnetic tapes simply aren’t working anymore. Every day, we speak with dozens of companies hoping to replace their aging tape archival infrastructure, and in so doing, improve overall reliability, minimize costs and reduce maintenance. For many, the cost of cloud storage has made tremendous sense for more costly backup and more...
Getting a Handle on Cloud Backup
Cloud backup is rapidly becoming an attractive option for companies seeking improved data protection at lower cost and with fewer hardware management headaches than traditional on-premises solutions.

Larger Capacity

The cloud is limitless. While the claim may sound exaggerated, with the way cloud functionality works, your storage limits should seem to be limitless to you. Constant updating of hardware capabilities on the other end of the cloud mean you never have to worry about data storage limits. A similar backup system of your own could require a massive investment and new employees just to manage it. Veeam can easily handle storage for a number of virtual machines and hundreds of terabytes of data.